NY Times: "Two Terra-Cotta Works Said to Be by Donatello and Verrocchio"

Elisabetta Povoledo discusses two works attributed to Donatello and Verrocchio recently displayed at The Museo dell'Opera del Duomo.

"The bust was attributed to Donatello by the Renaissance sculpture scholar Francesco Caglioti, who teaches at the University of Naples, after a decade-long investigation on stylistic and documentary grounds that was published in the specialist magazine Prospettiva two years ago. He wrote that it was created by Donatello around 1440, for the tympanum of a parish church in Borgo San Lorenzo, north of Florence, and was sold by a Florentine dealer to Prince Johann II of Liechtenstein in 1889, in whose collection it became misattributed. It was sold at auction in 2003 as a 19th-century work in Renaissance style.In the case of the terra-cotta relief, the attribution is based on the strong similarities with a panel of the same subject done by Verrocchio for the so-called Silver Altar, which was commissioned by the cloth merchant’s guild for the Baptistery of Florence.

Source: NY Times