Art Professional, "Serota questions tick-box quality assessment"

Liz Hill reports on the Arts Council of England's intentions to use "Quality Metrics" to determine the quality of art and what the Tate Galleries director thinks about it. We at RAR would love to see quality assessed so objectively but if these are the new guidelines what were they using before?

"The core quality metrics

Self, peer and public:

Concept: it was an interesting idea

Presentation: it was well produced and presented

Distinctiveness: it was different from things I’ve experienced before

Challenge: it was thought-provoking

Captivation: it was absorbing and held my attention

Enthusiasm: I would come to something like this again

Local impact: it is important that it's happening here

Relevance: it has something to say about the world in which we live

Rigour: it was well thought through and put together

Self and peer only:

Originality: it was ground-breaking

Risk: the artists/curators really challenged themselves

Excellence: it is one of the best examples of its type that I have seen"

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