Antonio Mancini's Catalogue Raisonné

Dr. Cinzia Virno has informed us that her long-awaited catalogue raisonné of the Italian painter Antonio Mancini - the completion of which has been postponed several times - is at last due for release. The publication has been scheduled for the Summer of 2016.

According to Dr. Virno, "The catalogue covers the personal story and career of a great artist, who played a key role in the Italian and international 19th century scenery, and who was once referred to by John Singer Sargent as 'the greatest living painter'.

The two-volume work published by the Rome-based De Luca Editori d’Arte, is based on a huge number of documents and photographs from the painter's private archive and on in-depth studies and bibliographical research conducted in Italy and abroad.

The catalogue includes over a thousand paintings produced throughout Mancini's lifetime. The study and review of his works has required over ten years of intense work, given the importance of the artist, the magnitude of existing documents, and the dispersion of the works across the globe.

During the research process, paintings have been discovered that were previously unknown or considered as lost for a long time: 'Ultimo sonno', exhibited at the 1872 Paris Salon, 'Il saltimbanco nero' (1878), 'La Scugnizza', 'La lettera', 'Bandierine' and many others. The exact chronology of his complex life has also been accurately reconstructed.

This study illustrates that Mancini had a timid, shy personality, constantly in need of support from others. This was especially true in matters regarding the funding and sale of his works, visible in Mancini's need for wealthy sponsors who encouraged and supported him. He was, however, a true genius of art, endowed with a unique power of observation and an ability to depict reality using an incredible, utterly original technique, which was truly unrelated to any tendency or specific artistic movement of the time."

The Realist Art Resource would like to thank Dr. Virno for taking on this monumental task and sharing her insights with us. Grazie Mille!

La Scugnizza / Ballerina, Private collection, USA

(by courtesy of Enrico, Gallerie d’Arte, Milan – Genoa).

Mio padre con uccelli, Private collection, Italy.

Ritratto della Signora Pantaleoni, Rome, National Gallery of Modern Art.