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I Can't Draw!

And you couldn't read either,

 until someone taught you.

Drawing, painting, and sculpting are like any other skill, they can be taught. Yes, some people pick up skills faster, and some people take that skill farther than the rest but most artists started the same way they learned to read, with the help of a great teacher.

Mission Statement  

The Realist Art Resource was created to inspire, educate, and guide those interested in preserving and supporting skill-based art education and the artistic aesthetic such an education cultivates. RAR aims to encourage this aesthetic through a supply of free information specifically pertaining to 18th-19th century Academic Art education. This information is provided in the hopes that it will foster a greater sense of community and a better understanding of the tradition amongst artists today. 

Sight Size,


or Graphing...

Can't decide which route to take?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of books to guide students and enthusiasts alike. When in doubt see what the pros did, it might work for you.

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